Cut-off date: December 10th, 2021

International Orders Cut-off date: November 24th, 2021

The cut-off date does NOT mean we do not accept any more orders. It means that your orders after that date are NOT guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas and New Year Day.

Cut-off date: December 10th, 2021
Every year, when it is close to Christmas Holiday, the number of orders increased by a large margin. This put a heavy burden on our staff and overload our limit. Because of this, we are unable to fulfill the production time at the normal rate, which is 2-4 business days. On those days the fulfillment time increased to 3-7 business days which put a big delay in sending out the goods for orders. Not only us, but the shipping carriers are also overloaded too, and in turn, the shipping times are extended. So to make sure that we can meet our dear customers’ expectations, we have to put up a Cut-off date.

We can guarantee that orders before the cut-off date will be delivered before Christmas day. This is important because most of the orders in this season are meant for the Holiday.

For orders that are placed after our cut-off date, there is still a chance for them to arrive before Christmas. But we want you to expect the worst, in which there might be some issue, that the goods cannot be delivered on time. It is so that you can prepare for plan B and won’t be utterly disappointed in case we won’t make it in time.

Thank you for your understanding.
P/S: After 23rd December is a very long holiday season. For which, all orders after 23rd December will see a big delay in the delivery.